5 Things to Know About Uber in Springfield

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Uber officially announced it was going to launch service in Springfield, MO at noon on November 17, 2016. Are you interested in driving for them? Click here to get signed up.

Here are some things you may not know about the tech startup and what it means for Springfield.

5. The Tip is NOT included

A big convenience of Uber is that it is connected to your debit or credit card. You do not need to worry if you have cash on hand, or if the driver can accept a debit or credit card as payment. Everything is automatic in the Uber App. However, Uber does not make it mandatory to tip your driver. Surveys have shown the tip issue as the biggest complaint among Uber drivers. So keep a few bucks to tip you Uber driver.

4. Cars May Not Be More Than 10 Years Old

Many people think that anything goes when it comes to Uber and the crowdsourcing economy. That is far from the case! Uber, specifically, has a few rules in place, with the 10-year car rule being one of them. Cars must also have 4 doors. Lastly, Uber pays other drivers in the area to vet new drivers and their vehicles. So if someone shows up in a two-door or a rusty old vehicle – that is a sign of a problem!

3. Rating Your Driver Really Matters

Uber gives you(the passenger) and the car driver a 5-star rating system. The rating for a passenger really doesn’t matter that much. But the rating for a driver is a huge deal. If it drops below 4.6 out of 5 stars, they can get deactivated from the network and not allowed to drive again.

Driving for Uber is a real thing. Real people make real money to pay real bills. So rating your Uber driver is really important to them!

2. Uber Drivers Don’t Know a Passenger’s Destination When They Pick Them Up

While you know (roughly) how much it is going to cost to get to your destination, your Uber driver has no idea where they are going until they pick you up and start the drive. So they are picking up riders cold.

This has led to some interesting situations where, for example, an Uber passenger in Pennsylvania needed a ride to Buffalo, New York. After a few tries, he finally found a driver willing to make the 6-hour drive. All in all, it cost about $583.69!

1. Uber Drivers are Judged on Their Acceptance Rate

Uber tells it’s drivers they should accept about 80% of all the ride requests they get. The closer to 100% the better! So it’s in the drivers best interest to accept as many drives and drive many hours a week. A little-known tip is that if you drive more than 50 hours a week with Uber, you get 10% on top of what you made that week as a bonus! However, most drivers only do it for 15 hours a week.


Want a free ride?

Uber gives special referral links to existing users. Get a link from a friend (or use this one) and your first ride is free! After your first ride, look in the Uber app on your phone for your very own referral link to share with friends. You also get a free ride for each person that signs up!


Want to drive for them?

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